For Physicians

If you are interested in combining your talents and expertise with other medical professionals that are equally talented in their subspecialty – you belong at OrthoCare Florida. We are the fastest growing orthopedic practice in Florida and provide physicians with the opportunity to participate as an equal member while enjoying the benefits that come from working as part of a larger organization. Our patients benefit from our physicians collaborating and the ability to be treated within their own county or local area.

Founded in 2013, OrthoCare Florida brings together orthopedists and musculoskeletal specialists with a diverse group of subspecialties in order to address the growing needs of our patient population. We span multiple counties throughout Florida and are affiliated with the best hospitals in the area. OrthoCare Florida is the parent company and equally owned by all of its physician members. We qualify as a “single group” practice which is a proven organizational structure that is successfully used by medical groups throughout Florida and the U.S. Our Board of Directors is focused on the long-term, global growth of our practice and maintaining the compliance of each practice subsidiary with Federal and State regulations. Our board is comprised of member physicians, and each meeting is open to all of our members in order to ensure complete transparency.

The local, individual practices within our group are still ran on a day-to-day basis by the physicians within that practice. This provides for localized control on hiring, office hours, staffing needs, scheduling, and more. As the parent company, OrthoCare Florida provides centralized billing, employee benefits, human resource policies, 401(k) planning, accounting, compliance guidelines, HIPPA, Meaningful Use, PQRS, OSHA training and processes, IT support, creating of an off-shore malpractice entity, and additional ways to make each orthopedic practice more efficient and profitable. Some of the services we offer are part of the State and Federal requirements to be considered a single practice group while others are optional and based on the discretion of each local practice.

There are many benefits to joining OrthoCare Florida and doing so will give you the opportunity to provide more comprehensive patient care. To learn more, email

Benefits to Joining OrthoCare Florida:

  • Ability to have a “voice” when discussing the future of orthopedic services and the quality of patient care with all outside stakeholders (ACO’s, Hospitals, Payers, etc.).
  • More time to serve your patients, while providing an improved level of orthopedic care.
  • Higher benefits plans at a lower cost for general staff, enabling you to attract and retain the best staff in the area.
  • Compliance with all state and federal regulation such as OSHA, HIPPA, Meaningful Use, PQRS, human resource laws, etc.
  • Compliance with Federal Antitrust Laws.
  • Improved asset protection vehicles.
  • Access to cutting edge technology (software/hardware) only possible via a large group.
  • Potential for sharing of ancillary services that will improve the quality of care to your patients.
  • Possible centralization of non-clinical services, such as transcription, answering service, appointment scheduling, janitorial services, marketing, etc.

To schedule a meeting with key physicians at OrthoCare Florida, email