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About Florida Sports Orthopaedic & Spine Medicine

We are local orthopaedic and spine specialists, with a focus on providing superior patient care. Our team of experts provide the highest quality of patient care and are able to do so based on an extensive educational background and over ninety years of combined experience. Each of our physicians is recognized by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS). We have completed thousands of surgeries, and our combined experience ensures that our patients receive the medical care they need to become well, from true experts in the field. The team at Florida Ortho Surgeons is passionate about improving the lives of our patients. We understand that the procedures and surgeries we perform can have a direct impact on our patient’s quality of life. With a devotion to taking care of our patients, we utilize the latest in medical technology and techniques to deliver superior results.
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When we see an opportunity to improve a procedure, our surgeons lead the way in creating that technology. Innovation and accuracy go hand in hand, and our team works diligently to incorporate them into our daily practices for the benefit of our patient’s health.

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